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Innovative Debt Collection

About us.

About us.

We don’t just know Debt Collection. We understand it intimately. First, we are conscious of the fact that all debtors are still customers, and more than that, they are people. 

We get that the clients we sign on want to preserve their relationships with their customers. So this is what we build on, sustaining relationships with two goals in mind: to get back revenue for our clients while honouring their brand values and to rehabilitate debtors.

Led by experts in the field, with a wealth of legal, debt collection and Call Centre Service experience behind them, we are a young, growing and diverse company committed to finding real solutions to any challenges we are presented with.


We have a great depth of knowledge in the environment in which we operate and our technology, strategies and staff allow for us to use innovative methods to ensure that we have a high level of success and yet still protect your brand.


We have more than 60 000 active matters with clients in the Credit, Security, Educational, Medical, Retail - and Cellular industries. We have a capacity of approximately 75 seats supported by Attorneys, Query Resolution, Client Relations, Human Resources, Data Analysts and Information Technology Departments.

AEDO Collections


  • Alliance Call Centre Services is the industry leader specializing in Authenticated Debit Order Collections.

  • AEDO's allow for regular payments that cannot be disputed resulting in increased cured rates.

  • We have our own AEDO machines with a consultancy network that enables us to have a national footprint.

  • Our success rate is above 80% in AEDO Collections.

Get to know DebiCheck

Most South Africans agree that debit orders are a convenient way to pay their accounts.

However, over the past number of years, debit order abuse has become a major issue in South Africa. There has been bad behaviour by some companies that process invalid debit orders to consumer bank accounts. In addition, there are consumers that avoid paying valid debit orders by unfairly disputing them with their banks. As a result, the Reserve Bank has asked PASA, which includes the South African banks, to find a solution.

And so, DebiCheck was introduced. DebiChecks are new debit orders electronically confirmed by you, with your bank or service provider, on a once-off basis, at the start of a new contract that you have signed with a company.

This means that, your bank will now know the details of what you have agreed to and will not allow your DebiCheck to be processed outside the terms that you have confirmed.

With DebiCheck, you will be in control. To help make DebiCheck work for you, you must ensure that your bank has your correct cell phone number.

Our service providers are fully integrated and all our new telephonic electronic payment arrangements are made through DebiCheck.


Real-time (USSD)

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Delayed -

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Real-time (USSD)

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Contact us.

Contact Us.

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